An Arranged Love Marriage : Minal + Laxman / by Sukhada Apte

Meet the couple
Laxman Aalway and Minal Jage


We first saw each other on a matrimony site. Our parents decided to follow a more traditional process. We exchanged phone numbers and started talking. Within a day of chatting we were sure that we can spend the rest of our lives together. 


We were yet to meet each other in person but we both had that awesome feeling of being in love. Believe me, before we met each other, both of us were so practical in our lives that we used to rate love as being non-sensical and without any logic. Ironically, we were proving ourselves wrong, but we loved every minute of it.

I still remember how I shivered when he came home to meet me for the first time. He was so calm, as usual, atleast on the exterior. We were so comfortable talking to each other. I don't think our parents had to ask us for our opinions about each other. Our eyes and faces said everything. Finally, I got my Man and he found his Lady.

Soon enough, we were happily engaged and very preparing for our wedding, which was fast approaching. He flew from Goa to Mumbai for the wedding shopping. While he was here, we approached Mandar to do a pre-wedding shoot for us. 

I went through Mandar's blog and my immediate reaction was, "This guy is different. He understands his subjects, and he has that inner eye from where he sees the output of his clicks". I had no words to describe his photography, it was truly beautiful.


We only had a day for the photoshoot. We both were very uncomfortable with the thought of posing for a picture and felt awkward about the shoot. But, Mandar was a delight to work with! We enjoyed a pleasant evening together and didnt even realise someone was taking our pictures. Mandar asked us to act normal and forget that he was there. He made us feel so comfortable and rewarded it with such outstanding pictures! 

Not boasting here, but every single picture clicked by Mandar got us more than 300 likes on FB and a lot of beautiful comments.
Thank You, the amazing Mandar Parab. A bow to this photographer.

A note from the bride : Unfortunately Mandar Parab was not available to click at our wedding. We were a little disappointed. But we were happy that atleast we caught hold of him for our pre-wedding shoot. The wedding was at Laxman's house, right in nature's lap and Reception was in Mumbai. Both the events went well and everyone enjoyed.

I now strongly believe that God always send you the right person, you just have to identify and just go for it.