UP where we belong : Apourv & Shambhavi / by Sukhada Apte

"The road is long

There are mountains in our way
But we climb a step every day
Love lift us up where we belong"

We couldn't help but think of this Joe Cocker song while reading Apourv and Shambhavi's story. It was our pleasure covering this beautiful pre-wedding and wedding story and we are very excited to share it on our blog for our readers. 


Apourv : Shambhavi, a name that resonates with everything that constructs my life and my world. A name that is not mine and yet defines me.

Shambhavi : The friendship just grew stronger over the years and I didn’t even realise when it turned into love.

It was a summer day in April 2012 when I first met Shambhavi. The place was Mumbai and the weather was hot and humid. Yet in her eyes I found a solace so comforting that it did not matter what surrounded us. The feeling was so overwhelming that I never sought to understand it. It engulfed me and I just stood by basking everything that came through her. A bit of laughter here a word or a gesture there. The way she looked at me that day and the way she made me feel left no doubt in my mind and heart that this was the way I wanted to feel forever. 


Forever didn’t happen immediately as back then, we were in different continents. This however didn’t weaken the flame of love that had been kindled in my heart. I walked the streets of Madrid constantly texting her in Mumbai. Day or night work or play, there was hardly a moment when I was not talking with her. I would sit with my guitar and sing songs thinking of her. I would check my phone the first thing after waking up in the morning. The distance just made my feelings for her stronger. They say when the love is true, the only thing more satisfying than being with your beloved is the thought of being with her while you are away. This was true in my case, being away didn’t discourage me it just made me want her more.


When someone asks us how did you guys meet I start and then my immediate reaction would be Oh my God! This is like the movie SOCHA NA THA .. It was quite similar. Our parents introduced us but we had no intentions of getting married. We soon became friends and little did we realise we became so close that there was not one moment we were apart even when Apourv was in Madrid and I was in Mumbai. The friendship just grew stronger over the years and I didn’t even realise when it turned into love. There was no defining moment for us to propose or express our love for each other we just knew we belonged together.


I am not very expressive in terms of romance but am very animated so one of the ways I would refer Apourv and I as a couple is what most people call Tom and Jerry. This is exactly who we are, we love to tease each other, knock down each other, irritate each other but can’t live without the other. No outside power can pull the other one down. I feel that’s love. We share the most comfortable silence and feel we have had the best conversations that feeling just completes us. 


Fast forward to January 2013. The universe delivered her to me or rather me to her, in Mumbai. Finally I could be with her; finally I could be with myself. My heart felt it had arrived where it always belonged, my body felt it now has the companion it forever sought. In the lap of never-ending Mumbai rains I found myself washed and renewed. Shambhavi had become the core around which I was weaving my life. The center of my love, my work, my desire and my freedom. The time in Mumbai more or less defined our relationship. At times we would argue but we would again be in love the next moment. Love always prevailed.


It takes two to tango but it takes three to have a blast. The missing part of the puzzle came swinging through from a kennel in the outskirts of Mumbai.  He glowed of gold and he locked us together like a priest at a wedding. Only he continues to do so till this day. 

I always thought that Apourv in my life was too good to be true but yes when you want to grow old with your best friend, the hunt is over. The battle within of being unsure is already won. 

Coming from a Rajput family we were always told to live in a sense of pride remembering the history of our ancestors. I feel every girl hearing such stories feels somewhere in her subconscious that she is a princess. 
It was the same for me and as a child from a small town I would envision my wedding in a palace, running around the corridors all decked up in princess attire. This was buried deep down with the struggle to survive in the real world. I had forgotten  about this dream until the D day came up.


With North Indian weddings being larger than life our parents wanted a grand affair, where as, we wanted a small gathering to receive blessings of our loved ones and not get stressed in the whole pomp and show for the society. 


After a lot of venue search and chaos in our hometowns Apourv came up with the plan that was just brilliant. He was adamant on having a wedding like the royals.
To have a palace wedding just solved the purpose for all of us, it was grand with a limited gathering.


Apourv was specific that the venue should be a heritage property and easily accessible to people so after visiting almost every possible property in Jaipur we landed up at The Raj Palace, a 300 hundred yr old property that was built before the pink city came into existence. The rest of it was just magical like a fairytale that I used to live in as a little girl.


Oh the wedding, it took us months to plan and I feel I am still hung-over at least mentally thanks to the never-ending preparations and charades. But it was all worth it. If I had to, I could do much more and a thousand times again, to have my bundle of love, Shambhavi, in my life. 


I just love the vibrancy and drama Mandar gives to his clicks. Mandar was again on my list for years to capture my wedding. I was his junior and had closely observed his work and I must say his clicks just come to life. I have mostly been behind the camera and I wanted to be captured by someone whom I know. Mandar was a perfect fit as he quickly became friends with Apourv and it was really comfortable to shoot with him.

The wedding venue was spread over a huge space but he single handily managed to take every details of the event and the emotions of the close family and friends very well. He is always very adjusting to the situation of his clients. A highly recommend him to shoot the wedding rest the photos speak for what i just said.


At times I just feel lucky and at other times I feel thankful to Shambhavi that she chose me. Thank you love!! Lets go get some Chinese food now!!