A Friendly Affair : Alok & Kunjika / by Sukhada Apte

Meet the couple

Alok Pastekar

Alok Pastekar

"When you start going out with someone, the pressure of caring for this new person is tremendous. You dont want to hurt them, or say something offensive or come off rude. Having met Kunjika through my best friends, I found myself thinking about the feelings of three different people. I had a lot to lose if I messed up.
I knew it was meant to be when I confided in her and found out, that all this time, she was worried about the same thing! I knew I had found someone who cares and loves as much as I do. Overtime I have realised its actually more."

Kunjika Talpade

Kunjika Talpade

"Honestly, I feel sometimes the most beautiful relationships are the ones you never expected to be in. When I first met Alok, I never thought I would be in a relationship with him. But now it is impossible to think it could be anyone apart from him. He is the person who entered my life out of nowhere and suddenly became the whole world to me."


Introduced by their best friends, Alok and Kunjika, first met in 2011. They kept meeting each other, by chance, whenever their friends came to town. They only wanted to catch up and spend time with their best buds, completely oblivious to the fact that something bigger and better was in the works for them. 

In 2014, they met without their friends for the first time and sparks flew. From there on, its been a fairy tale journey for this lovely couple.

I had the honour of doing their pre-wedding shoot at the fabulous Sula Vineyards in Nashik, where they first met. We enjoyed a beautiful evening on the campus of Sula creating a dreamy shoot where love was abound. The magical setting of Sula and the sparkling bond between Alok and Kunjika, was the perfect combination for the perfect evening. 


Here is to wishing this couple a lifetime of happy moments. Cheers!